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ActiveWeb Trouble Shooting

Common Problems and Solutions:

PROBLEM: You get an Unauthorized User error even though you have used this service before.

SOLUTION: This error is almost always caused by having CAPS LOCK turned on when you log in. When logging in, turn off CAPS LOCK. Log in passwords are case sensitive. Instead of pressing CAPS LOCK for upper case characters, hold down the ‘shift’ key and then press the letter. 

PROBLEM: You are logged in to ActiveWeb and get the message Session not Accessible.

SOLUTION:Your session has timed-out and you must log back in. Click on the Open a New Session link to go back to the log in screen.

PROBLEM: You have entered your box number as your search criteria and received the following message: No Results Found

SOLUTION: Make sure you have selected Box Number in the Search Type drop down field located at the top left hand of your screen.

Also check to make sure the orange Filters Active box located to the right of Show Advance Search has been deactivated. 

If you see the orange box it means that a search criterion from your last search or ActiveWeb session is still entered in the Advanced Search Fields. Please clear or update the data entered in the advanced search fields and then redo your search.

PROBLEM: When you enter your log in and password you receive the message Unauthorized Requestor.

SOLUTION: If you have attempted to log in with the incorrect password or log in more than 3 times during one session, ActiveWeb will automatically deactivate your authorization. Please contact Customer Service at (416) 798-1404 for reactivation.

PROBLEM: You are trying to add a box and enter your data, and when you select Update you receive the message Duplicate Record.

SOLUTION: If you have an existing bar code, do not click the Add Box button. Instead, search for the box’s bar code and then update the information.

PROBLEM: You need to add a new box and print its bar code label.

To add a box and print a label:

  1. Click on the Inventory Tab.
  2. Click on the Add Box button. A new window will appear.
  3. Enter the meta data pertaining to your new box (fields in red are mandatory).
  4. Check the Add to Label Print List box if you want to print the item’s label.
  5. When all the information has been entered, click the Add button at the bottom of the window to add your box to the IRSG database.
  6. Just above the Add icon at the bottom of the data entry screen, there is a drop down menu with the option to, by default, Create Another Item or, by clicking the drop down arrow Display the Created Item.

    Create Another Item is used when adding multiple boxes or files in one session. This option, when you click the Add button, will display a message asking if you would like to re-use the data you have just entered for this box/file for the next box/file to be added.

    When you click OK it completes the addition of the box, adds the label to the label printing queue and automatically creates the next box/file with all of the same data. Then you simply update the fields that are to be changed for the next box/file and click Add again. This can be very effective when adding a series of boxes with similar meta data requirements that may only have to have the date fields updated. 

    Alternatively, if you are adding one carton or file and would like to review the item after you have clicked the Add button, select Display the Created Item from the drop down menu.  ActiveWeb will display the created item and add the bar code label to the print queue.
  7. Click on Labels at the top of your screen and print your label(s).

Important Note:
Please note that if you terminate your ActiveWeb session BEFORE going to the Label module and printing the bar code labels for all of the items you have entered during this session, the print label queue will be cleared. Should this happen, you will have to log in to ActiveWeb and run a search in the inventory module for all of the items added on today’s date, and then click the printer icon at the bottom of the search results to add all items to the label printing module.

To view items on the print list:
Click on the Labels tab. The list of items added to the print list will appear at the top of the window.

To remove items from the print list:
Click on the ‘x’ sign to the left of the item to remove it from the list.

To print the list:
Add items to the Print List. Enter a start position (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.) in the Start From Position field (for boxes and/or files). Then click on the Print button.

PROBLEM: You attempt to log in to ActiveWeb and get a message saying your User Count has Been Exceeded.

SOLUTION: ActiveWeb licenses are for concurrent users. The number of users logged in at any one time is limited to the number of licenses purchased. When too many users try to log in, the User Count has Been Exceeded message appears.

In order to ensure a maximum number of users, ActiveWeb will automatically terminate an active session if it has been inactive for more than 10 minutes. If required, increasing the number of ActiveWeb licenses can be done instantly by placing a call to trueNorth.

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