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Scanning & e-Document Creation

Make Your Business Fully Digital

Eliminate the Need for Paper Records
Records access is crucial to your business but even the best paper document management systems can’t match the efficiencies of instant, electronic access. trueNorth can scan your paper records into superbly accurate images so you’ll have faster, more efficient access to your data.

trueNorth’s e-Document Management ActiveWeb software will give you secure online access to all your e-Docs. You can safely capture, classify, retrieve and effectively manage all your company’s electronic documents - regardless of size or format – from the convenience of your browser.

Save Time & Money
Conversion to e-Docs will mean significant savings and improvements in processes. Storage and access to e-Docs is more efficient, saving on time and costs involved with searching, accessing and retrieving files. Whether you have one page or one million, trueNorth can efficiently convert your documents for as little as 5¢ per page (based on volume).